Holy Roar Records is a small independent record label owned and run by Alex Fitzpatrick, with help from a variety of people on a freelance and casual basis.


We LOVE receiving orders from you all - your support is hugely hugely appreciated, keeps us alive and reaffirms our faith that the music we release should be heard by more people and that it is good! BUT PLEASE READ THE BELOW!

1. Preorders are aimed to be delivered on or near their release date given - but we are only human and sometimes there may be a slight delay due to volume of orders. Any items ordered at the same time, in the same order, will arrive with the preorder item and not before, as combined postage rates are given.

2. PLEASE don't pay with an e-cheque if possible!

3. Got a problem with your order? Email us (orders@holyroarrecords.com)! Please don't contact us by sending us messages over Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter or anywhere else....it is really difficult for us to keep track of those in any kind of formal manner.

4. Please be polite and respectful when emailing us. Manners really do go a long way and keep us smiling!

5. Please remember to use your correct address and contact email on your order and on paypal if used. It is, once again, quite difficult to keep track when people get this wrong - basically, the correct address makes life easier for everyone!

6. Please allow at least 28 days before email us about your order. We are all at the hands of our various postal systems worldwide - we have no control over this sorry!

7. Please check size and manufacturer guidelines given on merch (shirts/sweaters/hoodies/etc) as we can not do size swaps because you ordered the wrong size. It costs us too much on postage to do this, and messes up our inventory system.

8. We use Airmail for all international orders. There are no tracking numbers with this method. If you wish to add tracking, email us for a quote on shipping BEFORE placing your order. Please note: this is much more expensive.

9. We ship out every Saturday. If you place an order on Monday, it will ship on Saurday (unless it contains preorder items of course).

Other Questions

1. Do you accept demos?
No sorry. We currently have releases planned up to a year ahead, if not more.

2. Can I do work experience/part-time work for Holy Roar?
Not at present sorry, but if you feel you have invaluable skills that we are missing, email us.