OHHMS formed in early 2014 in Canterbury, Kent. Taking influence from their home City's progressive musical past this five piece explores the boundaries of what is possible when infusing that age old prog-rock sound with elements post metal, noise & a raging hardcore-punk spirit.

Over the past 5 years the band have played countless festivals & toured the UK & Europe extensively creating a loyal fanbase along the way. As well as this their creativity is paramount, the band have released 2 EPs & 2 full length albums on Holy Roar Records in this time also, which has gained them serious coverage in the mainstream rock press & multiple plays on National Radio One.

OHHMS may have one foot in the past but the other will always be outstretched, pushing forward & exploring the sonic boundaries of what they can do with bass, drums, a voice & guitars.


Steamrolling noise rock riffs that immediately flatten you. ALBUM OF THE WEEK, KERRANG! MAGAZINE

Fuelled by righteous indignation and born of a love of Swans and bands of their ilk, plus a desire to espouse existential outrage their ability to engage throughout such long compositions hints at a brighter future than they predict for the rest of mankind. METAL HAMMER

Deranged vocals, extended instrumental passages and bursts of brutal, bludgeoning noise, OHHMS are a carefully crafted combination of ambience and aggression and a treat for fans of the experimental and unconventional. ROCK SOUND

The Post-Doom group OHHMS’ songs are sonic vehicles that allow each listener to take their own journey with each listen. Their tunes are drenched in emotion, from their riffs all the way up to their vocals. CVLT NATION

Heavy. Huge. Obey the riff. Daniel P Carter BBC RADIO 1 ROCK SHOW


OHHMS - Cold
OHHMS - Bloom
Holy Roar Records