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Whilst initially drawing upon a sonic palette familiar to fans of Don Caballero, Russian Circles and Battles, Brontide have slowly yet confidently evolved into very much their own beast. Clearly still instrumental rock at its base, Brontide now incorporate R'n'B loops, pop and cinematic melodies and have truly established themselves as something unique.

Brontide - Artery

30/06/2014 · Pink Mist / Holy Roar · HRR126

Pressing Information

2000 x Digipak CD

750 x Gatefold Vinyl LP
- 100 x Gold w/Red Haze
- 650 x Red

Brontide - Coloured Tongues/MFBT

13/02/2012 · HRR085

Pressing Information

300 x Translucent vinyl.

Brontide - Sans Souci

25/05/2011 · HRR072

Pressing Information

500 x CD in 6 panel card digifile moonpack.
500 Vinyl made
- 400 x Gatefold black double LP
- 100 x Gatefold heavyweight black double LP

Brontide - Brontide EP


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