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Brutality Will Prevail

Cinematic hardcore tuned to drop HELL on downers. Slow, thick and sludgy, BWP are like a suffocating black tar or a steamroller hellbent on a slow march to hades. Beneath it all shards of strewn melodies and refrains drag you even further into this bands HEAVY FUCKING SHIT.

Brutality Will Prevail - Scatter The Ashes

22/02/2013 · HRR112

Pressing Information

2nd Pressing. First pressing on Purgatory Records.
500 x Vinyl LP in gatefold sleeve.
-100 x Translucent Orange
-100 x Ultra Clear w/ Blood Haze
-300 x Red/Brown/Black Tri-Colour.

Brutality Will Prevail - Sleep Paralysis

27/06/2011 · HRR076

Brutality Will Prevail - Root of all Evil

29/09/2010 · HRR049

Pressing Information

100 x Bronze vinyl
300 x Pizza vinyl
1000 x card-wallet CDs