Burning Vow

Sometimes the sonic prowess of a band speaks for itself; this is the case for Burning Vow, whose soaring gloom-doused debut outing is far more than just an addictive riff-laden trip.
Featuring members from the UK metal scenes prolific past and present, including Employed to Serve, Pariso, Group of Man and Harrowed - it comprises of 5 tracks of absorbing and infectious doom/stoner metal presenting a possible logical conclusion of each member’s musical background.

Opener ‘Apathy and Acceptance’ is an impressively catchy and sharp dip into the cauldron in which Burning Vow swelter - you can catch the melancholic valour of Pallbearer in the triumphant guitar work and vocal delivery. This sets the precedent of how expansive this record feels, whilst simultaneously stifling the listener under an auditory forest canopy.

Alt-rock smatterings and gliding solos lace tracks like ‘Walls Around Earth’ and ‘Alpha.Omega.Erasure’, opening their sound to more emotionally stimulating passages and tender moments that emphasise the record's attention to detail.

However, this would not deter the more traditional doom metal listener - as the balance of this with defined, crunching riffs is tantamount.

This debut offering is a masterful example of brooding and outward-looking doom metal - step forth into a foreboding expanse with Burning Vow at the helm.