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Dreamboats are the dark horse of the gang. They don’t talk much and aren’t seen in public much either. All we know about them is that they possess a rock’n’roll heart that reminds us of the early days of Every Time I Die (before that band tried to become a pile of shit pop) crossed with a calmer, darker, more reflective screamo/art-rock heart a la Antioch Arrow. Then there’s the fact that vocalist Ben still possesses one of the most versatile, powerful and interesting rock voices around.

New Roars On The Block

07/09/2009 · HRR034

Holy Monsters!

30/07/2009 · HRR033

Pressing Information

250 x Purple vinyl
250 x Green vinyl

Happy Holy Roar Volume 3

01/12/2009 · HRR030

Pressing information

100 copies made