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Employed To Serve

Employed To Serve’s trajectory to-date has been explosive.
Two bedroom-crafted EP’s (released by Jay Randall from Agoraphobic Nosebleed on Grindcore Karaoke) preceded to their first full-band EP, ‘Change Nothing, Regret Everything’ which also marked the beginning of their relationship with Holy Roar Records.

‘Change Nothing, Regret Everything’, ETS's first 12" released in 2014 is a musical open letter to those who despise their current situation, yet, do nothing to alter it. One year later, 'Greyer Than You Remember', the bands first full length was released, now on its second pressing.
Alongside their releases, ETS are firmly proving to be one of the hardest working underground bands of the UK, constantly appearing on the road in UK and Europe on the same bills as Rolo Tomassi, Trap Them, Code Orange, Biohazard and Funeral For A Friend.

ETS exist in a time where too many bands prioritise style over substance, clichéd choruses over creative thinking, spout nonsense to appease, make t-shirts before they’ve played a single gig, expect everything on a plate, and bastardise musical genres from before they were born. ETS are the antidote.


Employed To Serve - Greyer Than You Remember
Employed To Serve - Change Nothing, Regret Everything
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Employed To Serve - Bones To Break
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