A band changing it’s name can often be a daunting task. For this band, it was a necessity to reflect a huge - and crucial - progression. Eulogy is an apt and freeing new identity.

‘Eternal Worth’ is their debut release under the moniker. A tight collection of 4 songs that strongly project a newfound power and direction. The songs themselves are meticulously structured, relentlessly driving and to the point - blending the superlative aspects of metal, hardcore and alternative music. This is a record where you will be dying to draw reference points, due to a uncomfortable familiarity, but will ultimately fail to do so.

Abrupt opener ‘Doubt Shadows’ is an unrepentant bruiser of an introduction to the record, whilst ‘Birth Coma’ is a twisted barrage of palpitating and boastful offshoots of energy. Brutality and beauty go hand in hand during the introspective closing track ‘Beyond The Skin’ whereas soon-to-be-live-favourite ‘Deaf Cult’ is a journey of nothing but vehement punishment.


Eulogy - Eternal Worth
Holy Roar Records