Full Of Hell

Full of Hell have been no strangers to the road since their inception. The band has maintained a relentless work ethic since forming, which has included countless tours in north America and what is coming to be their third European tour this fall with Boston's own, New Lows. Along with extensive touring, the band has also built itself around a prolific and ever evolving collection of releases. 2012 has followed in the successful wake of their first LP "Roots of Earth Are Consuming My Home" and has seen the release of split 7"s with acts that vary from the likes of upstarts like code orange kids to the mysterious harsh noise of mike IX (eyehategod) and ryan mckern's The Guilt Of.. The band's blend of of lyrically dense and harsh textures has been further honed on their latest endeavor, a split 7" with Poland's Calm the Fire.