Guilty Parents

Guilty Parents have beards, beauty and beautiful beards. Not bad going.

Influenced by "Die Kreuzen, Make-Up, COC, Mummies, Bad Form, Bad Seeds, Flag, Sonics, Penetraiters, Poison Idea, Gories, Murder City Devils, Gun Club..." - I'm a fucking idiot though, so I'll just say this is no pretension, ultra rock'n'roll with a fucking punk as fuck heart. It's the tightest sloppy lo-fi rock band ever. For real - this dichotomy exists within this band. They have already played with Part Chimp, Souvaris, Lovvers, Male Bonding, Army of Flying Robots, Crocodiles, Ramming Speed, An Albatross and Limp Wrist.....


Happy Holy Roar Volume 3