Haast's Eagled

In this age of instant gratification and ‘artist accessibility’ via social media and the internet at large, it must be said that some of our favourite bands are those who still manage to maintain an air of mystery, intentional or not. Of course this has to be backed up by incredible music, perhaps even more so if every other aspect of a band or artist is hiding in the shadows. Whether this obtuseness is by design or flaw matters not when it comes to the Newport-based Haast’s Eagled.

'II for Mankind', four songs clocking in near to one hour contains some of the most imaginative, plaintive, acerbic and kaleidoscopic doom we have had the pleasure of hearing. Undulating between monastic contemplation, soaring vocals, titanic riffing, esoteric solos and even exquisitely tasteful doomloungejazz, this is less ‘a journey’ and more a perfectly executed mission of sound.


Haast's Eagled - II: For Mankind
Holy Roar Records