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One of the most brutal and unforgiving bands to have emerged in recent memory, Kerouac’s sound is an intense and chaotic take on hardcore that could stand up alongside any veterans of the genre. Having sold out in it’s initial CD pressing after just a couple of months, their debut release, “Cold and Distant, Not Loving”, is finally being re-issued on 10″ vinyl and contains seven tracks of some of the most fast-paced, heavy-as-fuck music this country’s heard in a long time. An absolute must-have for any fans of throat-lacerating, passionate hardcore.

Kerouac - Heavy Hearted: Collected Recordings 2009-2011

12/07/2012 · HRR098

Pressing info

500 LPs pressed, co-release between Holy Roar and Tangled Talk. Equal split.
-100 x ultra clear vinyl
-200 x white vinyl
-200 x black vinyl

Pariso / Kerouac - Split

04/04/2011 · HRR067

Pressing information

300 pressed
- 150 x White packaging option
- 150 x Black packaging option
All contain black 5" vinyl and credit card shape cd.

Kerouac - Cold and Distant, Not Loving

07/11/2010 · HRR060

Pressing Information

300 vinyl pressed
- 150 x Clear vinyl with Black Splatter
- 150 x Black vinyl with Random Clear

Holy Hell Summer Sampler 2011

21/06/2010 · HRR081

Digital only

Happy Holy Roar 4

13/12/2010 · HRR050

15 colour variations of tape.
- Gold tape was limited to 5 individual copies.
- Blue/Yellow mixed colour tape was limited to 10 individual copies.