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Last Witness

Having formed in 2006, the legacy of Last Witness has slowly, but surely grown into what it is today. Whilst the band recorded their debut album in 2008, the record lay dormant for sometime. Resuscitating the band in late 2009, the album in question 'An Unfinished Life,' went on to an astounding reception via a free download/vinyl release. Whilst perhaps indirectly influenced by bands such as On Broken Wings and For The Fallen Dreams, to these ears Last Witness are a far less contrived, more pure proposition of modern hardcore. The fact that they possess a design aesthetic that is head and shoulders above the competition is purely the Holy Roar icing on the cake.

Last Witness - Saccharine / Less Than Zero

29/01/2013 · HRR107

Pressing Information

100 x clear/purple 7" vinyl
150 x black 7" vinyl

Last Witness - The Void

26/12/2011 · HRR090

Digital only

Last Witness - Give Up

14/06/2010 · HRR043

Pressing Information

160 x Clear (Holy Roar)
170 x Blue/White Split (Purgatory)
170 x Transparent Red (Thirty Days Of Night)

Last Witness - Mourning After

20/02/2012 · HRR089

Pressing information

1000 x CD in matte high stock digifile with 12 page booklet.
500 12" vinyl pressed in total.
- 300 x transparent blue vinyl
- 100 x clear vinyl with purple haze
- 100 x red/black random mix.