The Scandinavian band, møl, was established in 2013 in Aarhus, the second largest city in Denmark, by guitarist, Nicolai Busse Hansen, and drummer, Ken Lund Klejs, in a combined effort to merge their love of shoegaze, alternative rock and metal. Since then møl has gone through a number of changes in lineup before the current one with vocalist, Kim Song Sternkopf, guitarist, Frederik Lippert, and bass guitarist, Holger Rumph-Frost. Since then, møl has gained domestic recognition with their unique combination of influences spanning early nineties shoegaze and alternative rock to modern post-metal. GAFFA Danmark, the largest Danish music magazine, proclaimed that, with møl, “Danish metal has struck a nerve”.

So far møl has released two three-song EPs that have gained them recognition on the Danish music scene in general and metal scene in particular. Their self-titled debut EP was produced by Max Forster (Heretoir) and released in 2014. The follow-up EP, simply titled “II”, was produced by Jacob Bredahl (Hatesphere) at Dead Rat Studios and released in 2016. The achieved sound has been described as light and dark as well as cold and warmth colliding. The sound is characterized by moment-to-moment changes from lush and reverberating soundscapes to crushing and frantic blast beats. Thus møl seeks to take the listener on an auditory journey through moods ranging from melancholia to euphoria.

2016 marked a breakthrough on the Danish scene when they won High Voltage’s “Best Upcoming Band of the Year”-award, played a concert at the largest music industry festival in Denmark, SPOT Festival, and received airplay on national Danish radio. In the wake of this they signed a management deal with Prime Collective in an effort to get their music to a broader audience and propel their music to the international scene. In 2018 møl will be releasing their debut album through British independent label, Holy Roar Records. Titled JORD, the album was recorded and engineered by Christian Alex Petersen (who has previously produced other Danish bands including MEW) during the summer of 2017 in Copenhagen at Grapehouse Studios and mixed and mastered by Christ Kreutzfeldt (CABAL). Displaying the full range of møl's songwriting capabilities combined with high production value, this debut record displays the band at the peak of their current abilities.


Møl - JORD
13th April 2018
Holy Roar Records