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More Than Life

More Than Life must be one of the biggest underground hardcore success stories of recent years. This is no exaggeration – vinyl pressings continually sell out and they play to crowds of thousands on mainland Europe and routinely headline smaller festivals. This is not to mention that the video for lead single ‘Do You Remember’ garnered 160,000 views on Youtube within the first couple of weeks and currently stands hovering around a quarter million views. To say the band have a rabid, dedicated fanbase would be a massive understatement.

More Than Life - What's Left Of Me

14/04/2014 · Holy Roar Records · HRR121

Pressing Information

2000 x 'Mini-LP' style CDs. Gatefold + inner sleeve

1st Pressing
1500 x Vinyl 12" LP. Gatefold.
- 100 x oxblood red w/ black splatter
- 200 x tri-colour - transparent red/ultra clear/solid red
- 300 x transparent rust with moss splatter (*only available at More Than Life live shows*)
- 400 x baby pink with gold haze (*only available via good independent record stores*)
- 500 x solid cream

2nd Pressing
500 x Vinyl 12" LP. Gatefold.
- 100 x aqua marine splodge
- 100 x yellow/blue colour in colour
- 300 x multi-splatter

3rd Pressing
500 x Bronze Vinyl 12" LP. Gatefold

More Than Life - Do You Remember

23/12/2013 · HRR123

Digital only