Young Legionnaire

Young Legionnaire was started by Gordon Moakes (Bloc Party) and Paul Mullen (The Automatic/ ex Yourcodenameis:Milo) after meeting when YCNI:Milo were sourcing bands for their ‘Print Is Dead’ collaborations project. The idea being that bands would go up to the YCNI:Milo studio in Newcastle and spend no longer than one day writing and recording a song for the record. The track they did was called 'Wait A Minute'and the process was a really inspiring experience, sowing the seed of an idea for them to work together again. Two years later, the result is Young Legionnaire. With a common love of riffs/noise, it seems only natural that after paving the indie/electro wave for Gordon, and Paul honing his pop sensibilities in The Automatic, they would both enjoy a chance to rock out at ultra-volume. The band is completed by drummer William Bowerman (Brontide/ex-Iwasacubscout/La Roux)


Young Legionnaire - Colossus/Iron Dream