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Employed To Serve 23/09 The Old Blue Last (Event Page) London UK
Bongripper 23/09 The Orpheum Tampa, Florida US
Employed To Serve 26/09 The Maids Head (Event Page) King's Lynn, Norfolk UK
Employed To Serve 27/09 Bleach (Event Page) Brighton UK
Ohhms 27/09 Platform 5 (Event Page) Ashford UK
Ohhms 02/10 The Lady Luck (Event Page) Canterbury UK
Eisberg 03/10 New Empire Wesel GE
Ohhms 13/10 The Underworld (Event Page) London UK
Bastions 18/10 Camden Underworld (Event Page) London UK
Employed To Serve, Ohhms 24/10 The Bracket (Event Page) Margate UK
Employed To Serve, Body Hound, Ohhms 25/10 The Firefly Worcester UK
Employed To Serve, Body Hound, Ohhms 26/10 The Lughole (Event Page) Sheffield UK
Ohhms 21/11 Brixton Windmill (Event Page) London UK
Ohhms 20/12 Ramsgate Music Hall (Event Page) Ramsgate UK