Up River - 'If There Is A God...' preorder now!

Posted on October 7th, 2016

We are super happy to finally welcome back Up River with their new record 'If There Is A God That Is Judging Me Constantly', available for preorder NOW on Ltd 12", 12", CD, Digital and an exclusive shirt.

Forget any preconceptions you may have regarding Up River. The sun has set on everything this band has done to date. Usher in a new darkness. Whilst, initially, opener ‘Shallow’ lulls you into a false sense of security, before you know it the maelstrom has opened up and you aren’t allowed to come for air until this record ends, five tracks later. ‘Deaf Waltz’ pummels with its 100mph, old-school straight-up hardcore. ‘Ghost Particle’ has an assured, almost cocky swagger to its seething aggression. ‘Charnel House’ is so unhinged that it wouldn’t be wise to listen to it on public transport for fear of what you may enact upon your fellow passengers. Usher in a new darkness.

Check out the new track 'Ghost Particle' HERE

Holy Roar preorder (Ltd LP/LP/CD/DD/Shirt) - http://www.holyroarrecords.com/categories/all

iTunes preorder - http://bit.ly/uprivergoditunes

Amazon preorder - http://bit.ly/uprivergodamazon

Holy Roar subscribers will receive their own exclusive vinyl colour on this release, with vinyl, CD and digital subscribers receiving this release before anyone else. SUBSCRIBE NOW.

Rolo Tomassi boxset available for preorder now....

Posted on September 30th, 2016

To wrap up our 10th year celebrations we are producing 100 limited Rolo Tomassi boxsets, with 90 available to the general public.

Containing exclusive colour vinyl reissues of the previously out of press Astraea, Cosmology and Hysterics albums as well as a previously unavailable colour of The BBC Sessions 10", this boxset also holds an exclusive Rolo Tomassi logo football scarf, owl enamel pin badge and an embroidered patch with the Astraea logo. All housed in a luxury black box with the Rolo Tomassi logo embossed in silver foil. Last but not least this set will contain a cassette - the exclusive, new, contents of which will be revealed nearer release date.

- 100 x Pink Robots vinyl LP
- 100 x White Rabbit vinyl LP
- 100 x Agent Orange LP
The BBC Sessions
- 100 x Blue Suede shoes 10"
- 100 x White

100 x Rolo Tomassi Football Scarf
100 x Rolo Tomassi 'Owl' enamel pin badge
100 x Rolo Tomassi embroidered patch
100 x Rolo Tomassi silver foil embossed collectors box

You also have the option to add the white vinyl version of Grievances to your boxset for £5 extra. This item has free postage in the UK, with a small surcharge for EU/Rest of World.

PREORDER - http://bit.ly/rolobox

Svalbard 'Discography 2012-2014' available to preorder...

Posted on September 2nd, 2016

We are very happy to today launch preorders for 'Discography 2012-2014' by Svalbarduk, to be released 28th October.

Released in conjunction with Through Love Rec (Germany) and Halo of Flies Records (USA), the first pressing is 1000 copies on 2xLP. An exclusive new shirt is also available.

Remastered in full by Brad Boatright (OFF!, Sleep, Converge) this double LP, 15 song, set contains the bands debut self-titled 7”, ‘Gone Tomorrow’ 10”, ‘Flightless Birds’ 7”, the split LP with PARISO (including collaboration songs) and a Victims cover that appeared on the ‘Cover Buzz’ split 7” with MINE, Let It Die and Pariso. This is everything that Svalbard recorded prior to seminal debut album ‘One Day All This Will End’, collected together in full for the first time, with new, enhanced, sonic punch.

Looking beyond specifics, this collection provides a fascinating insight into the growth of one of the most unique bands around right now. Combining post-hardcore, crust/d-beat, post-rock and black metal atmospherics and intensity, Svalbard are a genre unto themselves, rather than a bizarre blur of styles. This release only goes to cement that ‘ODATWE’ was no fluke – here are another 15 tracks charting the evolution of one of the best and most fascinating bands today.

- 100 x white w/ black splatter (Holy Roar subscribers only:http://bit.ly/HRSubscription)
- 200 x black w/ white splatter (Holy Roar)
- 300 x white/black merge (Through Love)
- 400 x black

This release is also available to preorder digitally from ourselves and all good digital outlets.

Apologies, I Have None - 'Pharmacie' released TODAY!

Posted on August 26th, 2016

Today we are very happy that 'Pharmacie', the second album by Apologies, I Have None is finally out in all good record shops, digital retailers and direct through Holy Roar Records (UK), Uncle M Music (EU) and Animal Style Records (USA) on LP/CD/DD! Darker and heavier (emotionally and musically) than anything they have done before, it's been great to see old fans raving about where the band has gone musically, whilst seeing many new fans pipe up about what an awesome discovery this has been for them....

Whilst it has been four (!) years since the release of debut album 'London', the band worked on this record for more than 2 years, with me first hearing bits and pieces all that time ago. Many people don't know this, but two members of Apologies have worked at Resident Studios on and off for some time now, a studio managed and run by my best friend (and ex-Pariso bandmate) Stuart. Through Stuart and Pariso/Apologies both rehearsing and doing bits of recording at Resident Studios, we became friends - with Simon Apologies filling in for me on guitar in Pariso, Joe Apologies recording a few songs for Pariso and Apologies lending us equipment, and their general support. Josh was even supposed to sing on the third Pariso album that never happened.

This might all sound a bit self-serving or 'off-point', but to finally work with such a great band, made of up of great people has been really fun so far and really rewarding. These guys work fucking hard too....just check their tour dates for the rest of the year for proof. Please check out this album and leave any preconceptions you have about Holy Roar or Apologies, I Have None at the door. Thank you to everyone who has already shown their support!

- Alex