Slow Crush - Ease: Deluxe reissue 26 July 2019

We are delighted to announce that Slow Crush's debut EP 'Ease: Deluxe Reissue' is available to pre-order NOW!

Before Slow Crush’s debut album ‘Aurora’ and the relentless touring schedule that ensued, ‘Ease’ served as an introduction for their blend of ethereal and infectious dream pop-meets-shoegaze. Songs such as ‘Sway’ and ‘Linger’ masterfully nod to greats such as My Bloody Valentine and Ride, whilst bringing a refined and contemporary alternative rock sensibility to their sound. This deft approach at blending the cacophonous with the otherworldly set Slow Crush apart from their contemporaries as more than just students of the shoegaze revival, with this reissue hammering home that fact.

Accompanying the EP is four fan favourites taken from ‘Aurora’ and an alternative version of ‘Sway’, recorded at ABC studios courtesy of ‘Part Time Punks Sessions’ during the bands US tour. Within two years of the band’s formation, this collection of early material will no doubt go down as a vibrant document of an exceptional band in their infancy.

1200 x spot gloss vinyl LP

100 x green and purple butterfly effect w/ silver splatters (platinum subscribers)

200 x green and purple butterfly effect (subscribers)

300 x Blue/purple swirl (Holy Roar exclusive)

600 x Green

1000 x digifile CD

Shipping on or around 25th October.

Subscribers: This will be your October release.