HAPPY DOWN I GO DAY! 23 October 2015

Surprise! Not only does today herald the vinyl release of 'You're Lucky God, That I Cannot Reach You', the stunning 4th album by Down I Go but also the digital release/vinyl preorder for the bands 'Iceland Extras' LP!

'Iceland Extras' combines 4 additional recordings from the 'You're Lucky God...' album sessions (1 original and covers by Komeda/Fantomas, Pariso and You Win Again Gravity) together with the previously unreleased Sammy Davis Junior Junior EP. As Alan DIG explains - 

"Sammy Davis Junior Junior came about as one of my many attempts to break up Down I Go. I wanted to start a new band, Ben forced me to compromise by simultaneously writing two EPs, one for Down I Go (which became Gods) and one for this new project. 

As soon as we finished the Gods EP he ran away to Chicago and Adam Powell, who we had slated as a possible singer moved to LA. "Fuck this" I thought, "I'm moving to Toronto" and we left the pieces of the EP forgotten on a hard drive.

Ben, being the type of person he is, finished the record over the next four or five years by getting friends to sing over the unfinished songs - Rupert Morris from Bats, Jamie Lenman from Jamie Lenman and Ben sang one himself which he added to the only recording we had of Adam singing a song. And now we have the Sammy Davis Junior Junior EP. Nobody has heard it, I'm not sure if it's any good, I wonder what everyone will think?"

Pick up either or both NOW.