Hang The Bastard to play 'Hellfire Reign' in full at HRX with original vocalist Chris Barling.... 5 April 2016

Despite having been sent some early demos, I first truly became aware of Hang The Bastard upon the release of their debut ep ‘Raw Sorcery’ - a devastating mixture of mid/late 90’s hardcore and thrash metal. It was a great time - with the band rising in popularity seemingly in tandem with Brutality Will Prevail, culminating in the bands releasing a split 7” and playing many shows together. Both bands went on to release the seminal ‘Hellfire Reign’ and ‘Root Of All Evil’ albums on Holy Roar.

Of course, Hang The Bastard mutated over time in terms of personnel and sound - slowly arriving at a courruscating sludge metal sound, that never lost sight of The Riff or the bands early energy. Sadly, Hang The Bastard have now announced their imminent split, after 9 years and 17 bassists. Before sailing off into the sunset the band will be playing ‘Hellfire Reign’ in full for the first and last time with original vocalist Christopher Barling at HRX.

To say this is, and will be, bittersweet is somewhat of an understatement. This is your chance to give the band the send-off they deserve, as one of the cornerstones of the history of Holy Roar Records…..