Up River - 'If There Is A God...' preorder now! 7 October 2016

We are super happy to finally welcome back Up River with their new record 'If There Is A God That Is Judging Me Constantly', available for preorder NOW on Ltd 12", 12", CD, Digital and an exclusive shirt.

Forget any preconceptions you may have regarding Up River. The sun has set on everything this band has done to date. Usher in a new darkness. Whilst, initially, opener ‘Shallow’ lulls you into a false sense of security, before you know it the maelstrom has opened up and you aren’t allowed to come for air until this record ends, five tracks later. ‘Deaf Waltz’ pummels with its 100mph, old-school straight-up hardcore. ‘Ghost Particle’ has an assured, almost cocky swagger to its seething aggression. ‘Charnel House’ is so unhinged that it wouldn’t be wise to listen to it on public transport for fear of what you may enact upon your fellow passengers. Usher in a new darkness.

Check out the new track 'Ghost Particle' HERE

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