Slabdragger/Wren 'Mothers Of Beef And The Magic Of Invention'... 30 August 2017

We are very pleased to launch preorders for 'Mothers Of Beef And The Magic Of Invention' a split by Slabdragger and Wren! This will be a one time only pressing so don't miss out.

Out 27.10.17
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Slabdragger explore their most carefree, fun side, turning Frank Zappa’s ‘Muffin Man' into a 10 minute-plus quagmire of sludge. Wren meanwhile make Captain Beefheart’s ‘Electricity’ bristle with a cold, almost mechanical, Krautian post-metal edge.

“Muffin Man has one of the best, catchiest riffs ever written. It’s so simple but driven through loads of fuzz and volume, we always have fun playing it live, which we have done on and off at shows since we first toured Regress back in 2011. It never fails to raise smiles and create a party vibe for both us and the audience so we always wanted to record it at some point. Then the idea came up for us to do this Zappa/Beefheart split with Wren. After hearing Wren’s absolutely epic reworking of Electricity by Captain Beefheart, we knew this was going to be special indeed and worthy of us releasing this material for our respective bands. On our cover of Muffin Man, we have the added awesome talents of a couple of friends of ours, Leevil on Kaoss pad/noise and ex-Messenger synth mastermind, Dan Knight on Hammond organ. They both add an incredible dynamic to the recording and we can’t wait for everyone to hear it!” - Slabdragger