Svalbard announce the release of debut album 'One Day All This Will End' for Sept 25th....

Posted on June 26th, 2015

We are very proud and honoured to announce the forthcoming release of 'One Day All This Will End', the debut album by Bristolians Svalbard. We have followed the progress of Svalbard since catching them live on an early tour with Direwolves and watched them slowly, but surely, become one of the best bands around. It's especially wonderful (and rare) when a great band back up their musical output by being great human beings, which is the most certainly the case here. 

Svalbard effortlessly combine elements of post-hardcore/crust/post-rock/black metal, bending and blending it into something entirely their own - incredible songs without ever compromising an astonishing scope of sound. This is a band growing ever more maximalist with their approach to melody and intensity in the relatively short period of time they have been together thus far. From the almost gruff-punk-goes-black metal-goes post-rock leanings of ‘Unnatural Light’, to the tale of two halves presented by ‘The Vanishing Point’ which swings from a haunting gaze to an almost positive post-hardcore resolution, Svalbard weave disparate influence into a seamless whole with aplomb.

Svalbard//One Day All This Will End//25th September 2015

1.  Perspective

2.  Disparity

3.  The Vanishing Point

4.  Expect Equal Respect

5.  Unrequited

6.  The Damage Done

7.  Unnatural Light

8.  Lily

LTD LP/LP/CD/DD. Preorder specifics and information coming soon.

“We found somewhere between hope and despair and we set up camp there for a while. These are the songs that we wrote by the fire, as we were watching it burn itself out.” - Serena