Conjurer launch preorders for 'I' // Wren 'Host' released today!

Posted on April 29th, 2016

Today sees the launch of preorders for 'I', the stunning debut record by Conjurer - 4 tracks clocking in just under 30 minutes, of visceral, energetic metal/doom. Check out lead track 'Scorn' on our website or on bandcamp. Available on limited black vinyl, frost smoke vinyl, CD, digital and exclusive shirt.

"...tumultuous, labyrinth metal that draws upon Opeth at their heaviest, Mastodon at their earliest, Neurosis at their most blunt and Gojira at their most venomous. There is also a decisive energy to this band that belies these comparisons – potentially drawing from acts such as Turmoil, Vision of Disorder and Swarm of the Lotus."

Also, today is RELEASE DAY for Wren with 'Host' - available on vinyl and digital download. A couple of shirts are still available too.

"Wren are somewhat akin to Isis and Cult of Luna if they stopped fucking about, concentrated on huge riffs and listened to The Jesus Lizard and Shellac. Think crushing waves of amp power, a bass guitar that sounds like iron girders smashing into your face, arrhythmic/hypnotic drumming and a latent, seething frustration with the modern world"

Holy Roar Records 3 page feature in the new issue of Metal Hammer out now!

Posted on April 26th, 2016

In case you missed the news elsewhere, the new issue of Metal Hammer (out today, with Metallica on the cover) contains a 3 page feature on Holy Roar, to celebrate our 10th anniversary and preview HRX! Go grab a copy - it contains a link for a free compilation to download too!

Get tickets for HRX or forever be filled with regret that you were not there.

Vote for us as 'Best Independent Label' in the Metal Hammer Golden Gods awards!

Svalbard 'One Day...' vinyl repress and OHHMS Maxi-CD

Posted on April 25th, 2016

We are now running preorders for the third (!) pressing of Svalbard's incredible debut album 'One Day All This Will End' - available on blue/pink, blue, and pink variants (100 copies of each). This pressing is once again in partnership with our friends at Halo of Flies (USA) and Through Love (Germany). This will ship end of May. Preorder now.

We also now have in stock (no preorder) Maxi-CDs of Bloom/Cold by OHHMS - this is both EPs on one CD.

You can, of course, listen to the releases in full on the product pages or over on bandcamp.

VALES ANNOUNCED FOR HRX: Holy Roars' 10th Birthday Party, playing 'Clarity' in full for the final time.

Posted on April 21st, 2016

Exploding out of almost nowhere with debut record ‘Clarity’ on Tangled Talk Records, Vales quickly gained a rabid following amongst the short-lived UKSwell and wider post-hardcore scenes - resulting in them scoring an album deal with 6131 Records in the USA as well as touring America, doing SXSW, playing Reading and Leeds Festival and supporting Unbroken(!) in Germany amongst many other things. It was a crazily intense couple of years for a young band. This level of pressure somewhat inevitably led to a couple of line-up changes in tandem with real-life and jobs getting in the way. There are also now whispers and hints of a new musical direction forthcoming from Vales. Here and now however, HRX sees the band come out of quasi-hibernation to play their seminal debut ‘Clarity’, in full, one last time at HRX, Saturday 21st May @ The Dome, Tufnell Park…..