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Holy Roar Bitter Autumn 2014 Sampler

Do you need some riffs to get you through this desolate Autumn? Sick of seeing Christmas decorations in shops this many months before Christmas? Then the Holy Roar Bitter Autumn 2014 Sampler is the soundtrack for you. 26 new/classic/rare tracks from Holy Roar Records and some of our friends - all for FREE. Every download contains a voucher for 15% off ANYTHING on

Download here:

Track Listing:

1. Ithaca - Gæst (03:50) 
2. Gnarwolves - Boneyard (02:48) 
3. Bastions - The Water Tower (02:31) 
4. Coliseum - Love Under Will (05:21) 
5. MINE - Sleepwalk (03:49) 
6. Brontide - Cabin (05:03) 
7. Yautja - Humility // Humanity (02:07) 
8. Pariso - Delirium (02:54) 
9. Shambles In A Husk - Round Four (02:19) 
10. Employed To Serve - Perfect Smiles and Crooked Teeth (01:55) 
11. Talons - The Dreams Have No Dream (06:24) 
12. Hogslayer - War Cries (04:45) 
13. OHHMS - Rise Of The Herbivore (14:25) 
14. Stallone - Laboured Vessel (05:25) 
15. Up River - Confide (02:48) 
16. Human Future - All Must Wither (05:48) 
17. The Prestige - The Never Ending End (04:50) 
18. Let It Die - Boredom/Inertia (02:56) 
19. Body Hound - Rhombus Now (05:19) 
20. Artemis - Dark Passenger (02:50) 
21. More Than Life - What's Left Of Me (04:19) 
22. Rough Hands - Nothing's Changed (02:54) 
23. The Physics House Band - Abraxical Solapse (Three Trapped Tigers Remix) (05:15) 
24. Svalbard - Ripped Apart (03:45) 
25. We Never Learned To Live - Masquerades (demo) (09:04) 
26. Secret Cutter - Deformed Eye (02:44)

Posted on October 9th, 2014
Bastions/Burning Bright Split 'Swan Songs' Preorder

Our friends at Palm Reader Records have released preorders of the new split from Bastions and Burning Bright 'Swan Songs' on 12". 

Available to preorder here (due to ship in late December): 

Stream in full from their Bandcamp: 

Track Listing:

1. Bastions - Faust 

2. Bastions - Old Guard

3.  Burning Bright - Heracles

4. Burning Bright - La Sui Des Canons 

Posted on October 9th, 2014
OHHMS - 'Bloom' OUT NOW!

Bloom - the debut 2-track, 32 minute opus by OHHMS - is OUT NOW on LP/CD/DL. Available from all good stockists. Know somewhere that doesn't have it? REQUEST IT.

Listen in full/buy 

Posted on October 7th, 2014
OHHMS on tour.....

Posted on September 18th, 2014
Secret Cutter 'Self Titled' LP to be exclusively distributed in UK/EU by Holy Roar....

Super excited to be distributing the debut album from Secret Cutter in the UK/Europe. If you haven't heard (of) these guys yet....well, use that little player above and crank it up.

To steal the words out of Pitchforks mouth - "Secret Cutter appeal to a lot of different appetites—sludge heads looking for something a little more complicated than rote Eyehategod worship, old hardcore dudes wanting to go heavier but avoid sounding like Nails, and most of all, those committed to the mosh. They would be foolish not to tour with Xibalba or Harms Way."

This beast is available on vinyl NOW in both our webstore  and Blasphemous Whimper , via All Ages Records  (Camden, London) and soon in all good independent record stores.

Posted on September 17th, 2014