More Than Life & Giants albums released today!

Posted on April 1st, 2016


BIG day here at HRHQ with 'Break The Cycle', the awesome debut album by GIANTS out direct via us, in all good record shops (with exclusive orange vinyl in stores!) and on all download/streaming services. LTD LP/LP/CD/DD.

Also out today is the reissue of 'Love Let Me Go', the seminal debut album by More Than Life, remixed and remastered. Once again shops have an exclusive ultra-clear vinyl (ltd 100!), and this release is available direct from us, in all good stores and all good digital services. LP/CD/DD

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Holy Roar Records at the Independent Label Market this Saturday 2nd April!

Posted on March 30th, 2016

We have a stall at the Independent Label Market this Saturday! We will be bringing the following:

Test Pressings:

- More Than Life 'Love Let Me Go' reissue test pressing (1/5)
- More Than Life 'What's Left Of Me' (1/16)
- Giants 'Break The Cycle' (1/5)
- This is Hell 'The Enforcer' (1/10)
- PARISO 'Consanguinity' (1/5)
- Down I Go 'You're Lucky God, I cannot Reach You' (1/6)
- Slabdragger 'Rise Of The Dawn Crusher' (1/5)
- Strife ' Witness A Rebirth' (1/5)
- Rolo Tomassi 'Grievances' (1/10)
- Rolo Tomassi 'Hysterics' (1/5)
- Rolo Tomassi 'Eternal Youth' (1/5)
- Rolo Tomassi 'Cosmology' (1/5)
- Make Do And Mend S/T (1/5)
- Pariso/ KEROUAC split (1/5)
- Desolated 'Verse Of Judas' (1/5)
- Tubelord 'Romance' (1/5)
- Last Witness 'Mourning After' (1/5)
- Bastions 'Bastard Son' (1/5)
- Never Again 'Year One' (1/5)
- Kayo Dot / Bloody Panda (1/5)

Other stuff:

- Tickets to HRX: Holy Roar 10th Anniversary Party
- Very limited copies of sold out colour variants of More Than Life 'Love Let Me Go' reissue
- Advance copies of the brand new Wren 12" 'Host'
- x2 copies of the out of print More Than Life 'What's Left Of Me' on bronze gatefold LP
- GIANTS 'Break The Cycle' on all three LP colour variants and CD -Apologies, i have none and Luca Brasi cassettes on cloudy day grey and clear blue skies
- Extensive distro with titles from Burning World Label & Mailorder,Deathwish Inc., Southern Lord Recordings, Relapse Records, Roadburn Records.
- Label and band apparel
- All of our releases
- We'll be accepting card payments

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Rolo Tomassi to release 'The BBC Sessions' May 27th 2016.......

Posted on March 18th, 2016

Let’s just get this out of the way: this release has been in the works for over 3 years. We wont bore you with the specifics, but the fact that this release is finally seeing the light of day in the wake of the bands stunning 4th album ‘Grievances’ -their first full-length on Holy Roar - and coinciding with Holy Roar’s ten year celebrations, seems somewhat fitting.

It was worth the effort though: this is an incredible documentation of both Rolo Tomassi’s ongoing evolution and the continuing support of the BBC for such an innovative, daring band. Working in reverse-chronological order, the first four tracks are taken from the Radio 1 Rock Show, presented by Daniel P Carter, recorded early 2013. Three of these tracks were drawn from 2012’s Astraea, along with the standalone, lesser known single ‘Old Mystics’. With the band having had the time to sharpen these tracks live, the versions presented here possess a tangible energy and quickening of pace, not to mention a truly heartbreaking rendition of Astraea album-closer ‘Illuminare’.

The latter five tracks are drawn from a session recorded for Huw Stephens back at the beginning of 2008. Drawing mostly upon material from early EPs and 7”s, this session also, interestingly, includes an early version of ‘I Love Turbulence’, a full seven or eight months prior to the release of ‘Hysterics’, the album it came to feature prominently upon.

All nine tracks were recorded live and mixed at the legendary BBC Maida Vale studios and mastered for this release by Brad Boatright (Converge, Sunn O)))). This is probably as pure and raw a representation of the many faces of Rolo Tomassi that you will ever get to hear.

Preorder begins Thursday March 24th, with a release date of May 27th.

LTD 10" Vinyl/10" Vinyl/CD/DD/Shirt.


  1. Howl
  2. Old Mystics
  3. Empiresk
  4. Illuminare
  5. I Love Turbulence
  6. Digital History
  7. Fuck The Pleasantries
  8. Beatrotter
  9. Film Noir