VALES ANNOUNCED FOR HRX: Holy Roars' 10th Birthday Party, playing 'Clarity' in full for the final time. 21 April 2016

Exploding out of almost nowhere with debut record ‘Clarity’ on Tangled Talk Records, Vales quickly gained a rabid following amongst the short-lived UKSwell and wider post-hardcore scenes - resulting in them scoring an album deal with 6131 Records in the USA as well as touring America, doing SXSW, playing Reading and Leeds Festival and supporting Unbroken(!) in Germany amongst many other things. It was a crazily intense couple of years for a young band. This level of pressure somewhat inevitably led to a couple of line-up changes in tandem with real-life and jobs getting in the way. There are also now whispers and hints of a new musical direction forthcoming from...

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Employed To Serve to tour with MARE, 'Greyer....' vinyl repress incoming. 13 April 2016

Following on directly from their appearances at the awesome Temples Festival, our very own Employed To Serve will head out into mainland Europe to play some very special shows with the legendary Mare (Hydra Head Industries)!

A second pressing of the bands critically-lauded debut album 'Greyer Than You Remember', is now available for preorder on blue suede/cream merge vinyl, in a new art gloss sleeve

June 2016 - MARE/Employed To Serve

4th Temples Festival - Employed To Serve, Bristol, UK
5th Temples Festival - MARE, Bristol, UK
7th El Diablo, Lille, France
8th Magasin 4 , Brussels, Belgium
9th ACU, Utrecht, Netherlands
10th Musik & Frieden, Berlin, Germany

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Departures join Holy Roar Records, new album due this summer.... 11 April 2016

We are very happy to announce that we will be releasing Departures forthcoming third album 'Death Touches Us, From The Moment We Begin To Love' this summer. Having been fans of the band for some time, when the opportunity arose to work with the band we jumped at it. At this point the band might be considered almost stalwarts of the UK hardcore scene, something that hasn't gone unnoticed by the world: the band have successfully toured Japan (as well as all the usual territories), been handpicked to support Modern Life Is War and American Nightmare, as well as shows and tours along the way with Your Demise, Moose Blood, More Than Life, Funeral For...

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Hang The Bastard to play 'Hellfire Reign' in full at HRX with original vocalist Chris Barling.... 5 April 2016

Despite having been sent some early demos, I first truly became aware of Hang The Bastard upon the release of their debut ep ‘Raw Sorcery’ - a devastating mixture of mid/late 90’s hardcore and thrash metal. It was a great time - with the band rising in popularity seemingly in tandem with Brutality Will Prevail, culminating in the bands releasing a split 7” and playing many shows together. Both bands went on to release the seminal ‘Hellfire Reign’ and ‘Root Of All Evil’ albums on Holy Roar.

Of course, Hang The Bastard mutated over time in terms of personnel and sound - slowly arriving at a courruscating sludge metal sound, that never lost sight of The...

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More Than Life & Giants albums released today! 1 April 2016


BIG day here at HRHQ with 'Break The Cycle', the awesome debut album by GIANTS out direct via us, in all good record shops (with exclusive orange vinyl in stores!) and on all download/streaming services. LTD LP/LP/CD/DD.

Also out today is the reissue of 'Love Let Me Go', the seminal debut album by More Than Life, remixed and remastered. Once again shops have an exclusive ultra-clear vinyl (ltd 100!), and this release is available direct from us, in all good stores and all good digital services. LP/CD/DD

Stream both releases in full

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Holy Roar Records at the Independent Label Market this Saturday 2nd April! 30 March 2016

We have a stall at the Independent Label Market this Saturday! We will be bringing the following:

Test Pressings:

- More Than Life 'Love Let Me Go' reissue test pressing (1/5)
- More Than Life 'What's Left Of Me' (1/16)
- Giants 'Break The Cycle' (1/5)
- This is Hell 'The Enforcer' (1/10)
- PARISO 'Consanguinity' (1/5)
- Down I Go 'You're Lucky God, I cannot Reach You' (1/6)
- Slabdragger 'Rise Of The Dawn Crusher' (1/5)
- Strife ' Witness A Rebirth' (1/5)
- Rolo Tomassi 'Grievances' (1/10)
- Rolo Tomassi 'Hysterics' (1/5)
- Rolo Tomassi 'Eternal Youth' (1/5)
- Rolo Tomassi 'Cosmology'...

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Rolo Tomassi to release 'The BBC Sessions' May 27th 2016....... 18 March 2016

Let’s just get this out of the way: this release has been in the works for over 3 years. We wont bore you with the specifics, but the fact that this release is finally seeing the light of day in the wake of the bands stunning 4th album ‘Grievances’ -their first full-length on Holy Roar - and coinciding with Holy Roar’s ten year celebrations, seems somewhat fitting.

It was worth the effort though: this is an incredible documentation of both Rolo Tomassi’s ongoing evolution and the continuing support of the BBC for such an innovative, daring band. Working in reverse-chronological order, the first four tracks are taken from the Radio 1 Rock Show, presented by Daniel P Carter, recorded early...

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Haast's Eagled - 'II: For Mankind' to be released on Holy Roar 27th May 8 March 2016

We are immensely proud to finally be able to unveil that we will be releasing 'II: For Mankind', the forthcoming album by experimental Welsh stoner/doom trio HAAST'S EAGLED. Sending us this self-produced, four track, one hour monster out of the blue, we here at Holy Roar were instantly floored. This is some of the most imaginative, plaintive, acerbic and kaleidoscopic doom we have had the pleasure of hearing.

Undulating between monastic contemplation, soaring vocals, titanic riffing, esoteric solos and even exquisitely tasteful doomloungejazz, this is less ‘a journey’ and more a perfectly executed mission of sound.

Of course this is not easy first-time listening, none of the best albums are. However, what we have in our hands here...

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