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On the third day of Christmosh, Holy Roar did give to me.... 9 December 2015

On the third day of Christmosh, Holy Roar did give to me.....

Rolo Tomassi
....for free (or pay what you want).

Rolo Tomassi celebrated their 10th anniversary by releasing their 4th, and best, album to date. It hasn't been a comeback, but this is a band who seem rejuvenated - something paid in kind with sold out tours, supportingFaith No More, touring across Europe and Russia with John Coffey and Read More

On the second day of Christmosh, Holy Roar did give to me.... 8 December 2015

On the second day of Christmosh, Holy Roar did give to me....

We Never Learned To Live
'Silently, I Threw Them Skyward'

This was the year WNLTL delivered on a couple years of promise with their debut album 'Silently, I Threw Them Skyward'. Perfectly realised from beginning-to-end, this is epic post-hardcore/post-rock that is reminiscent of an early 00's sound, whilst pushing forward and exploring new planes. Grab it today!

From now until midday on 9th December you can now download 'Silently...' for FREE/Pay what you...

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Eulogy's Spotify playlist 19 November 2015

Eulogy have curated a Spotify playlist of songs that have influenced them during the writing of their debut EP 'Eternal Worth'.


Buy 'Eternal Worth':

Black Sin - Spin On The Cross / Black Breath

Black Breath are one of those bands that everyone in Eulogy digs. What’s not to like here? Pummeling, catchy songs that bite from both Swedish HM-2 death metal and crusty hardcore.

This is from their first full...

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Down I Go's curated Spotify playlist... 16 November 2015

To celebrate Down I Go's 4th studio album 'You're Lucky God, I Cannot Reach You' and their 'Iceland Extras' LP the band have curated a Spotify playlist.

LPs, digital downloads and shirts available from here.

'We have made no effort whatsoever to make it a pleasurable listen, or for it to flow like a good playlist should.'

Here is a track by track description...

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Slabdragger - Rise Of The Dawncrusher INCOMING..... 13 November 2015

We are very happy and excited to finally announce 'Rise of the Dawncrusher', the new, forthcoming, sophomore album by Slabdragger. In the bands own words - 

"This album has been about three years in the making. Between drummer changes, recording problems, a cancelled tour, collapsed lungs and other personal problems, this album has slowly come kicking and screaming into existence. 

Rise of the Dawncrusher is a sci-fi adventure set in the distant future. We feel we've created something rather...

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HAPPY DOWN I GO DAY! 23 October 2015

Surprise! Not only does today herald the vinyl release of 'You're Lucky God, That I Cannot Reach You', the stunning 4th album by Down I Go but also the digital release/vinyl preorder for the bands 'Iceland Extras' LP!

'Iceland Extras' combines 4 additional recordings from the 'You're Lucky God...' album sessions (1 original and covers by Komeda/Fantomas, Pariso and You Win Again Gravity) together with the previously unreleased Sammy Davis Junior Junior EP. As Alan DIG explains - 

"Sammy Davis Junior Junior came about as one of my many attempts to break up Down I Go. I wanted to start a new band, Ben forced me to compromise by simultaneously writing two EPs, one for Down I Go...

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