Rolo Tomassi to release 'The BBC Sessions' May 27th 2016.......

Posted on March 18th, 2016

Let’s just get this out of the way: this release has been in the works for over 3 years. We wont bore you with the specifics, but the fact that this release is finally seeing the light of day in the wake of the bands stunning 4th album ‘Grievances’ -their first full-length on Holy Roar - and coinciding with Holy Roar’s ten year celebrations, seems somewhat fitting.

It was worth the effort though: this is an incredible documentation of both Rolo Tomassi’s ongoing evolution and the continuing support of the BBC for such an innovative, daring band. Working in reverse-chronological order, the first four tracks are taken from the Radio 1 Rock Show, presented by Daniel P Carter, recorded early 2013. Three of these tracks were drawn from 2012’s Astraea, along with the standalone, lesser known single ‘Old Mystics’. With the band having had the time to sharpen these tracks live, the versions presented here possess a tangible energy and quickening of pace, not to mention a truly heartbreaking rendition of Astraea album-closer ‘Illuminare’.

The latter five tracks are drawn from a session recorded for Huw Stephens back at the beginning of 2008. Drawing mostly upon material from early EPs and 7”s, this session also, interestingly, includes an early version of ‘I Love Turbulence’, a full seven or eight months prior to the release of ‘Hysterics’, the album it came to feature prominently upon.

All nine tracks were recorded live and mixed at the legendary BBC Maida Vale studios and mastered for this release by Brad Boatright (Converge, Sunn O)))). This is probably as pure and raw a representation of the many faces of Rolo Tomassi that you will ever get to hear.

Preorder begins Thursday March 24th, with a release date of May 27th.

LTD 10" Vinyl/10" Vinyl/CD/DD/Shirt.


  1. Howl
  2. Old Mystics
  3. Empiresk
  4. Illuminare
  5. I Love Turbulence
  6. Digital History
  7. Fuck The Pleasantries
  8. Beatrotter
  9. Film Noir

Haast's Eagled - 'II: For Mankind' to be released on Holy Roar 27th May

Posted on March 8th, 2016

We are immensely proud to finally be able to unveil that we will be releasing 'II: For Mankind', the forthcoming album by experimental Welsh stoner/doom trio HAAST'S EAGLED. Sending us this self-produced, four track, one hour monster out of the blue, we here at Holy Roar were instantly floored. This is some of the most imaginative, plaintive, acerbic and kaleidoscopic doom we have had the pleasure of hearing.

Undulating between monastic contemplation, soaring vocals, titanic riffing, esoteric solos and even exquisitely tasteful doomloungejazz, this is less ‘a journey’ and more a perfectly executed mission of sound.

Of course this is not easy first-time listening, none of the best albums are. However, what we have in our hands here is an album that should go on to be a cult-classic of the underground doom/stoner scene.

It goes without saying that if you enjoy the OHHMS/Slabdragger/Bongripper/Conan/Brontide/Rolo Tomassi/more progressive end of our output you will find MUCH to love here. Preorders and a track from the record will become available soon.

Tracklisting -

1. Pyaaz Bhonghi // 2. The Uncle // 3. Zoltar // 4. White Dwarf

Catch the band live -

Friday March 18th - Bristol, The Gryphon (w/Moloch, Iron Eagle and Swallowing)

Saturday May 21st - HRX (w/ Rolo Tomassi, Slabdragger, Hang The Bastard and many more)

Wren - 'Host' preorders are now live!

Posted on March 4th, 2016

Following on from their split with Irk in 2015, 'Host' is the latest offering from Wren, which reveals their most refined material to date.

Whilst Host unreservedly reflects the stylistic impact of genre pioneers Converge and Neurosis, Wren have deliberately filtered this influence through the acerbic lens of The Jesus Lizard, and in an attempt to separate themselves from the quagmire of post-metal replicants, Wren have forged something sonically and conceptually imposing.

A full track from the record will premiere next week.

Preorder now on 12" vinyl LP or digitally, along with a t-shirt.