Cutting Pink With Knives - Populuxxe HRR097


To celebrate 'Populuxxe' by Cutting Pink With Knives being five years old (how time flies!) we have decided to do an ultra-limited repress on a high grade, audiophile black vinyl LP.

This release, as well as being on (still available) CD, was also originally pressed on 10" vinyl (by Isomorphs Records) and was limited to 200 copies. This sold out almost instantly back in 2007. Do not miss out this time round!

This commemorative repress brings together the full recording session for the very first time - 19 tracks compared to the original releases 16.

*Please note CD is original pressing, and does not include the 3 vinyl only bonus tracks.


  1. St. Lazare
  2. Coasts
  3. St. Mark
  4. Airz
  5. See Emm Sea
  6. You're Late
  7. IDIC
  8. Montreal, Renegade
  9. Pyramids
  10. No Falcons
  11. Lightning's Solar Crystal Power
  12. Universal Models
  13. All Our Oldest Spirits and Ghosts
  14. Lions
  15. Laser Hannon
  16. Cosmic Explosion of the Velvets
  17. Rhythm 16
  18. Aylburton
  19. Caroline
Pressing Information

250 x Black high grade LP. Degraded foldover jacket.