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Slabdragger - Regress HRR065

Slabdragger can, and will, stand toe-to-toe with Torche, YOB, Floor, Sleep and Electric Wizard. Big words for a largely unknown band from South London. But we genuinely feel that we have an undiscovered gem on our hands with Slabdragger – they are that good.

Two years in the making, and ridiculously fully-formed and fully-realised, Slabdragger not only sing about epic quests to Nepal to find killer weed, rubbish Roman Centurions, battling huge Octopian creatures and drinking rum, but they also feature the one and only Sam Thredder.

If ever there was a wizard whose praises were unsung – Sam Thredder is the man. Having played in countless bands for almost 15 years (despite being only 28) and having recorded over 100 bands (reading like a ‘whose who’ of UK hardcore – Dead Swans, More Than Life, Last Witness, Hang The Bastard, Prowler, Throats, Dirty Money, Deal With It, Nervous Wreck, TRC, The Legacy….) – the man is a living legend. If ever there was a dude qualified to bring us a fucking great record, then it could well be him….

We wont lie, the band have barely played outside of London (albeit playing with Hang The Bastard, Dopefight, Astrohenge and Void…), but take a punt with Holy Roar on this one…..this band deserves to be heard across the globe.

Pressing Information

300 x Double LP on virgin black vinyl


  1. Bab el-Mandeb
  2. Erroneous Maximus
  3. Splice The Mainbrace
  4. Iron Vulture
  5. Regression
  6. Murky Fen
  7. Woe Betide
  8. Trichome Oddyssey
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