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Grazes - Myths
£2.99 - £4.99

  • Grazes - Myths

Grazes - Myths
£2.99 - £4.99

Grazes, from Sheffield, take elements of old bratty punk, Black Sabbath, shoegaze and fast punk/powerviolence/hardcore and roll it into their own unique sound.

This 7" is a stunning introduction to this band. 6 tracks that go from 50 second ragers to more expansive numbers.

Co-release with Ebb and Flow Records and Crash Landing Records.

Track Listing

  1. Intro-Black Death
  2. Drown In The River Styx
  3. Never Get Between
  4. My Last Day
  5. Rex Anglorum
  6. Observer's Paradox
  7. Myth

Pressing Information

100 x orange/blue random vinyl (25 with each label, 25 with the band)
400 x black vinyl