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Brutality Will Prevail - Root of all Evil HRR049

‘Root Of All Evil’ is a journey based upon the key corruptions of the modern world, centered around providing more information that is key to the puzzle. ‘Root Of All Evil’ is a swirling vortex of slow-hell hardcore, a spaghetti western of detuned guitars that pass through elements of post-rock, country and doom/sludge on the journey to the bottom. Cleanse, develop a deeper understanding of the ‘Root…’, and pray for preservation.

Pressing Information

100 x Bronze vinyl
300 x Pizza vinyl
1000 card-wallet CDs


  1. Trapped Doors Moving Walls
  2. Illusions
  3. Lost and Alone
  4. Life
  5. Early Grave
  6. Reprisal
  7. Rot Away
  8. Secrets Of The Truth