Brutality Will Prevail - Root of all Evil HRR049


‘Root Of All Evil’ is a journey based upon the key corruptions of the modern world, centered around providing more information that is key to the puzzle. ‘Root Of All Evil’ is a swirling vortex of slow-hell hardcore, a spaghetti western of detuned guitars that pass through elements of post-rock, country and doom/sludge on the journey to the bottom. Cleanse, develop a deeper understanding of the ‘Root…’, and pray for preservation.


  1. Trapped Doors Moving Walls
  2. Illusions
  3. Lost and Alone
  4. Life
  5. Early Grave
  6. Reprisal
  7. Rot Away
  8. Secrets Of The Truth
Pressing Information

100 x Bronze vinyl
300 x Pizza vinyl
1000 card-wallet CDs