Antares - L'Esprit de l'escalier HRR039


What do you get when you combine Theo, ex-guitarist of Chronicles of Adam West, and Calvin - the only guitarist to ever fill-in for Rolo Tomassi? Not only the most tech, ridiculous thing ever, but also perhaps what Dillinger Escape Plan should have done 5 years after Calculating Infinity.


  1. High Function
  2. Dancing Blind
  3. ...But I'm Not Sure About Singularity
  4. The Devil Drives
Pressing Information

4 songs in just under 16 minutes. Mini-DVD style cases, 3" cd. Monochrome. Strictly 100 physical copies only. Art and layout by Lisa Cope. Logo by Steve Watts. Produced by Jason Sanderson.

Please note - Only play this cd in tray cd players, not slot-loading cd players. We take no responsibility for cd players fucked by this release.