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New Roars On The Block

  • New Roars On The Block

New Roars On The Block

Holy Roar would like to do its part in stopping the rot by praising new bands that dont subscribe to popular scenes or trends and whom remember a time when screamo meant Page 99 rather than My Chmeical Buttfuck and when noise-rock was not a catch-all ephemeral term. So let us waste no time at all in introducing to you the New Roars On The Block - Easy Hips, Dreamboats, Le Swing and Run, Walk!

(Tracks 1-2 Easy Hips, 3 Run Walk!, 4 Dreamboats, 5-6 Le Swing)

Track Listing

  1. Leopard Print Catsuit Party with Old Man Watts
  2. White Ace
  3. Fallen Rose(s)
  4. 3, 5, 10
  5. Ross Kemp on Bands
  6. Deaf Pens