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Phoenix Bodies - Raise the Bullshit Flag HRR001

Phoenix Bodies produce a kinetic grind with catchy riffs and thrash punk influences. Their chaotic take on hardcore has been likened to Forcefedglass, Converge, The Locust and Usurp Synpase. Already well known and established within noisy hardcore circles, Phoenix Bodies have released splits with Shikari, Raein and Enkephalin prior to this release.

Pressing Information

1000 pressed in 4 panel card wallet with 16 page booklet.


  1. Raise The Bullshit Flag
  2. Resonance Of The Storm Thurmond Death Rattle
  3. Hard On For A Hummer
  4. You've Been Hamburgled
  5. Striving For Autism
  6. I Guarantee You're A Pile Of Shit
  7. Test of Faith At The Trinity Broadcasting Network
  8. If Money Is Power
  9. Intelligent Designer Sunglasses
  10. The War on Enthropy