Mystery Bundle Sale


For a limited time only we are bundling together some Holy Roar catalogue favourites at a very low price. When you buy a bundle we will select 5 releases at random for each package, here's some of what you might receive:


Brontide - Coloured Tongues / MFBT
Daggers - Euphoria
Cutting Pink With Knives - Populuxxe
Will Haven - Voir Dire
Kerouac - Heavy Hearted: Collected Recordings 2009-2011
Bastions - Bedfellows Part 2: The Forgotten Daughter
run, WALK! - ☤ (Health)
Rosa Valle - Holy Bermuda
The Ergon Carousel - Dead Banks


This Is Hell - The Enforcer
Rough Hands - Nothing's Changed
Crossbreaker - Lows
Jackals / Self Loathing - Split
We'll Die Smiling - New Objectivity
Gallops - Joust/Eukodol
run,WALK! / Sirs - Split


Youves - Cardio-Vascular
Maths - Descent
Goodtime Boys - Are We Now, Or Have We Ever Been
Brutality Will Prevail - Root of all Evil
Phoenix Bodies - Raise the Bullshit Flag
Coliseum - Sister Faith
Last Witness - Mourning After
Cutting Pink With Knives - Populuxxe

Please see listings for each release for more information on each title.