SONANCE - Blister The Maw Cassette TSM006


Having recently brought together SONANCE and TORPOR with their split LP, which has so far received a warm reception and is a true contender for album of the year, we are excited to reveal that SONANCE have yet more up their sleeves with a new EP, 'Blister The Maw'.

These six new tracks were recorded alongside the songs that went towards the SONANCE/TORPOR SPLIT. Whilst usually tending towards bone shattering heaviness that comes from heavy bass, distorted guitars and gargantuan drum sounds, 'Blister The Maw' sees the band focusing on a cinematic style that draws from their ambient/noise tendencies. This is not to say that they completely eschew their more ferocious sound, hinting towards hardcore and sludge on side B, and as ever featuring a tasteful level of string orchestration. Each output from SONANCE goes to reaffirm that they are one of the most exciting underground bands the UK has ever produced.


  1. That's What it's Like
  2. Cherry
  3. Oldest Harm
  4. Destroy and Dismember
  5. Staggered
  6. Capitulation
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