Apologies, I Have None - 'Pharmacie'

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“Sometimes you just want to know you’re not alone,” sings Apologies, I Have None vocalist Josh McKenzie on It’s Never The Words You Say. The line, from their upcoming album Pharmacie, sums up the London, UK post-punk four-piece quite perfectly. The group has no specific message to convey, no agenda, and no story to speak of. Instead, the band explores the tolls of declining mental health on relationships and the human experience as a whole. Combining a grim outlook with layers of both rich imagery and brutally simplistic reality, Apologies, I Have None’s music paints a beautiful, harrowing picture of a misunderstood and too-often ignored struggle faced by so many in the modern world.

Apologies, I Have None released their debut album, London, in 2012 and have been hard at work ever since. Choosing to spend much of their time off the road at guitarist Simon Small’s recording studio, the group has been able to stay prolific without compromising quality. They released Black Everything in 2014 and a split with Luca Brasi in 2016.

Toeing the line between post-punk and melodic hardcore, Apologies, I Have None will please fans of The Gaslight Anthem, Against Me, Balance & Composure, and The Menzingers. Pharmacie, the band’s second full-length, is a thematic continuation of previous works London and Black Everything. As a result, it cannnot be written off as just another record. Though certainly strong enough to stand alone, it deserves additional praise for serving as chapter three in the novel known as Apologies, I Have None.


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1000 x Digipak CD

2,150 x Vinyl 12" LP
- 400 x ogre green (Holy Roar - UK)
- 100 x grey/green (Holy Roar - UK)
- 250 x grey w/ green splatter (Uncle M - Germany)
- 900 x seafoam green (Uncle M - Germany)
- 400 x snot (Animal Style - USA)
- 100 x snot/white rabbit (Animal Style - USA)