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There are many hyperbolic adjectives that can be applied to Russian trio Antethic, but in the process of trying to pin down and define their hybrid of electronic experimentalism the more intriguing their sound becomes.

On their latest and third album Mythographer - their first to be released internationally - the band reach new heights of mysticism and wonderment. Rich and full bodied low-end synths contort with equanimous resolve throughout, giving way in the more cacophonous moments to hypnotizingly crackling lead instrumentation.

Antethic’s previous post-rock leanings aren’t entirely disregarded, with song structures that still lean into earth moving crescendos. The key difference lies in Mythographer's highlights, which take their previous formula and morph it into glitched out effects and (dare we say) danceability - look no further than ‘Absurd Hero’’s quasi drum-n-bass passages, the rumbling ‘Frontier’ and closer ‘The Unturnable’, or the Shlohmo-evoking liquid melodicism of ‘Tyro’. It’s clear Antethic have honed in on - and blossomed into - a newfound identity that is entirely theirs.

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