Minors - Abject Bodies

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With little over a year since Minors label debut “Atrophy” a self described “endless pit of despair” that tore it’s way through an unprepared underground music community with it’s uncompromising and hypnotic bend of sludge and hardcore, Minors are still intent on taking their listeners as far as they can on their trip into the most oppressing and dismal place the mind can conjure.

Since Atrophy’s release Minors have spent their time touring their native Canada, finding themselves sharing stages with the most familiar names in modern sludge and hardcore like Primitive Man, Spectral Voice and Homewrecker.

Amongst all this Minors have crafted their latest LP “Abject Bodies” which follows on from where Atrophy ends, continuing the caustic sea of feedback and grinding noise that tears towards a traumatic finish where the band expand on their unrelentingly crushing sludge-laden blend of hardcore.

Track Listing:

1. Abject Bodies
2. Consumed
3. Meanderist
4. Flesh Prison
5. Boneyard
6. Erode
7. Garden Of Dismalism

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