LEECHED - To The Dull Blades Of Your Abuse (Prosthetic Records)

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LEECHED return with their second album, To Dull The Blades Of Your Abuse. If you thought their debut was everything abrasive and cathartic about modern extreme metal, then prepare yourself - they’ve taken things up a notch or ten. On their sophomore album, LEECHED prepare to broach uncomfortable topics in a way that is as unflinching as it is emotive.

Since the release of You Took The Sun When You Left, LEECHED have honed their craft, embraced a far denser production ethos and have edged much closer to the sound they envisaged when they first formed as a band. By pushing the boundaries of their own comfort zones during the writing and recording, they have created an album that fizzes with discordance and teeters precariously on the precipice of the abyss.
The industrial overtones of their debut remain; cold, desolate, inhospitable. The trio have created a seemingly impenetrable exterior of expansive bleakness. Yet underneath the surface there is a white-hot mass of barely controlled aggression, writhing under the scrutiny of their collective creativity.

Track Listing

1. The Hound's Jaw
2. The Grey Tide
3. I, Flatline
4. Now it Ends
5. Earth and Ash
6. Famine at the Gates
7. Praise Your Blades
8. Burn With Me
9. Let Me Die
10. Black Sun Ceremony