NEKROÍ THEOÍ - Dead Gods (Prosthetic Records)

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Brutal Florida Death Metal band, Nekroí Theoí introduce their debut album 'Dead Gods'.

Formed in 2015 by JJ Polachek (Monotheist, 7 Horns 7 Eyes), Mark Gonzalez, and Dustin Rogers from the ashes of Ovids Withering, the group released last year’s Ouroboros of Shit EP which featured Dan Weyandt (Zao) on guest vocals. Polachek, a vocal critic of initialized religion as well as all injustices, uses Nekroi Theoi to be a platform for his and the band’s critiques of society as well as their own personal struggles.

Nekroí Theoí combine elements of guttural brutality, oppressive atmospheres, and crushing doom low-end. Fusing influences from Defeated Sanity, Deathspell Omega, and Neurosis with their Flordia death metal heritage, Nekroí Theoí aim high towards the ultimate end of tasteful song-craft over technicality for its own sake.


1. Doxology.
2. The Foul Eucharist.
3. Simony of Hollow Christs.
4. Swine Cull.
5. The Name Above All Names.
6. Blue Shirt White Hood.
7. Ancient of Days.
8. Empty Glory.
9. Dead Gods

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Limited to 250 copies on LP.