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To celebrate their signing to Prosthetic Records, Vile Creature will collate their back catalogue into one limited edition digipack compilation, titled Preservation Rituals (2015-2018). The collection goes someway to chart the - so far - short, but definitely spellbinding progression of this Ontario-based duo.

When the seed of Vile Creature was planted back in 2014, Vic learned to play drums in order to bring the pair’s creative vision to life. Together with multi-instrumentalist, KW, the two have pursued an artistic passion that has to date resulted in two full length albums and one EP that traverse the slow, methodical realms of blackened doom.

Dripping with vitriol, abrasively confrontational, and vitally, loud; Vile Creature is the epitome of heavy metal. Eschewing the tropes of the genre’s predecessors Vile Creature are subversive in their socio-political commentary - and throw in a dash of science fiction for good measure.

2015’s A Steady Descent Into Soil LP set the bar high with composition which may be sparse by design, but delivers texture and depth in spades. Last year’s critically acclaimed concept album, Cast of Static and Smoke, is based on a self-penned sci-fi influenced short story which put the band comfortably at the forefront of progressive and genuinely innovative metal. Sandwiched between the two albums came an EP - A Pessimistic Doomsayer.

Thematically the debut detailed personal experience of violence towards marginalised people, whilst the EP considered fiction as a form of escapism. Rounding out the trio of releases, Cast of Static and Smoke saw the band creating and exploring their own world. With lyrics that confront feelings of aggression and vengeance, Vile Creature provide a necessary narrative.

Now for the first time all three recordings will be made available on CD in a 2-disc set. With artwork created by Stephen Wilson, photos by Scott Burns, and housed in a double, spot varnished digipack along with a lyric and story book, this collection is limited to 1000 copies worldwide and has an unreleased audio book version of Cast of Static and Smoke.

Vile Creature has already played with Aseethe in the US, Bismuth in the UK, and a well-received set at the inaugural Black Flags Over Brooklyn event. Future live plans include a short run of European tour dates leading up to Roadburn Festival in the Netherlands, plus a unique performance in conjunction with the Gardiner Museum in Toronto as part of their presentation of renowned artist Ai Wei Wei’s Unbroken exhibition.