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There are numerous examples throughout history of cover songs revamping genre classics, whether it be with a modern and contemporary twist, or just paying tribute to an old favourite. With this in mind, over at Holy Roar HQ, we’re beaming with excitement to announce that Conjurer and Palm Reader have teamed up for a split release.

Boasting four tracks with two covers each, both bands tactfully pay tribute to some of the acts that introduced them to heavier sounds whilst simultaneously imprinting their own distinctive brands of noise to their selected songs. Conjurer tackle Slipknot’s ‘Vermilion’ and Mastodon’s ‘Blood and Thunder’ with blood thirsty metallic zeal, whereas Palm Reader caustically make Rage Against The Machine’s ‘Tire Me’ and Thrice’s ‘Circles’ entirely their own.

It’s sometimes easy to forget that outside of their respective discographies and relentless touring, both sets of musicians are first and foremost ardent heavy music fans. If nothing else, this small but mighty collection of covers is built precisely with the purpose of re-imagining and recapturing that first listening experience of a beloved song.

Shipping 13th December

Track Listing:

1. Conjurer - Blood and Thunder
2. Conjurer - Vermilion
3. Palm Reader - Tire Me
4. Palm Reader - Circles

Pressing Information

1000 x vinyl LP

100 x Black and cream merge with silver splatter (Platinum subscribers)
250 x Black and cream a/b merge (Subscribers)
250 x cream with black spinner (Holy Roar exclusive)
400 x Neon yellow

1000 x digifile CDs