Minors - Atrophy

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Potential record of the year. Fuck it. We’re calling it.

When Minors, from Windsor, Ontario, Canada contacted us to simply play us their new 7-tracker, we were floored. This is what gut-wrenching, loud, uncompromising guitar music should be.

Is it metal? Punk? Hardcore? It’s shades of all of them. If you’re desperate for a reference point, rather than simply absorbing and letting this ball of rage into your bones, then early Ceremony and early Trash Talk taking cues from Cursed and Throats might be your soundbite. But this is very much it’s own thing.

Opener ‘Somnolence’ is somewhat deceptive – dragging you slowly down into pit of tar and broken glass before, eventually, ‘Bone Pointer’ rips the flesh from your bones in a frenzied, violent tirade. ‘Leper’ stamps on your corpse with two-footed glee before ‘Dark Clouds’ simply laughs at your tattered remains.

There’s nothing left of you but still Minors continue with poise, foreboding dread and abject terror. This auditory document eventually ends with whatever was left of you being chemically burnt away into nothing by ‘Soothsayer’. Like we said….potential record of the year.

Available on a limited run of 200 'lucky dip' colour vinyl and digital download. PLEASE NOTE: The vinyl colour may not turn out like the mock up due to the way these records are made.

Pressing Information

x200 'lucky dip' colour vinyl LP