52 Commercial Road - Remote Connection

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Following their work on the score for the hugely successful documentary "Still The Enemy Within", 52 Commercial Road are back with their hypnotic fourth album.

'Remote Connection' successfully melds elements of electronica, breaks, jazz and trip hop to a progressive alt-rock framework and dance music sensibility - yielding results which lurch from dark and brooding into sheer violence and from subtle shades of melancholy to broadening vistas of hope.

52 Commercial Road have existed in several configurations throughout the last decade. In the past this has ranged from line-ups of between 3 and 9 members, however, they currently write and perform as a four piece. Now embracing a more rhythmically dynamic, upbeat and energetic sound than on previous releases.

Returning again to work with their long-time producer, Samuel Navel (Adele, Two Door Cinema Club) at his studio in Paris, 'Remote Connection' showcases why 52 Commercial Road are one of the most crucial bands in the UK post-rock underground.

Track Listing

  1. Terminal City
  2. Re Ups
  3. Why The Strands Snap
  4. Ash
  5. Sell The Mirror Light
  6. Cordyceps

Pressing Information

300 x Black vinyl