AN AUTUMN FOR CRIPPLED CHILDREN - Withered Dreams: Singles 2013 - 2017 (Prosthetic Records)

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Dutch post rock/shoegaze/black metal trio have An Autumn for Crippled Children announce select titles of their expansive and ever-evolving discography as part of Prosthetic Records LP series. The Long Goodbye, Try Not To Destroy Everything You Love, Only The Ocean Knows, Lost and the collection, Withered Dreams: Singles 2013 –2017.Available on vinyl for the first time. Limited edition pressing of 500 copies pressed worldwide. 250 on black wax and 250 on white. White copies Bandcamp and Mail-Order only.

1. Hearts of Light
2. Blossoms
3. Try Not to Love Everything you Destroy
4. Post War
5. Portugal
6. Seasons Change Spirits
7. Forgot to Dream
8. 1st of August