Brontide - Sans Souci

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After a low key digital demo release and an appearance on the 'Holy Monsters!' split 10" with Shapes, Holy State and the Tupolev Ghost, Brontide have FINALLY arrived with their debut album.

The wait has been more than worth it. Almost considered Holy Roar veterans at this point, Brontide have done things the right way - not blowing their load too early, instead taking their time to create a truly wonderful album that showcases all the promise they have displayed live to date.

With members having done time in Rolo Tomassi, The Petty Thief, Pictures, Le Swing, Iwasacubscout and La Roux - Brontide are a true melting pot of far more than their collective experiences. Veering from near-Converge like intensity, to Kinsella-esque passages, to serene post-rock, Brontide have delivered an instrumental rock album for all occassions and tastes. 8 songs delivered it a continuous flow, this is a 50+ minute journey that truly shows Brontide have arrived.

Track Listing

  1. Matador
  2. Limehouse Ink
  3. Jura
  4. Arioso
  5. Bob Mundon
  6. Bespoke
  7. Tenbytwobyfour
  8. Sans Souci