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Eisberg are not just the modern day hardcore band with generic riffs and tough guy/girl attitude but a band with an incredible story as to how they were formed and a band that actually screams a message.

Three of the band members, one from the UK and two from Luxembourg met hanging out in a car park at Pressure Fest, Germany 2009. Having stayed in contact they decided to travel to Have Hearts last show in Boston, Massachusetts. Having been so inspired by the band they decided to embark on what has been a crazy journey so far and formed after the show.

Rumoured to have only practised together on Skype the band recorded their demo/EP mid 2010 at Above All Studios in Margate, Kent and have not looked back since having played all over Europe and the UK already and continuing to do so.

Eisbergs self titled 7" is in your face putting down the unfaithful straight edge kids to dealing with near death experiences within a family and just in general getting along and keeping the hardcore scene alive and well.

This band seems like its going to stick around for a while and keep pissing off the opposing haters.

Track Listing

  1. Fuck Each Other
  2. Sneak
  3. Salt In The Wound
  4. Waster
  5. Stick By Them
  6. Upside Down, You're Preaching
  7. Boost Your Status