Eulogy - Eternal Worth

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A band changing it’s name can often be a daunting task. For this band, it was a necessity to reflect a huge - and crucial - progression. Eulogy is an apt and freeing new identity.

‘Eternal Worth’ is a tight collection of 4 songs that strongly project a newfound power and direction. The songs themselves are meticulously structured, relentlessly driving and to the point - blending the superlative aspects of metal, hardcore and alternative music. This is a record where you will be dying to draw reference points, due to a uncomfortable familiarity, but will ultimately fail to do so.

Abrupt opener ‘Doubt Shadows’ is an unrepentant bruiser of an introduction to the record, whilst ‘Birth Coma’ is a twisted barrage of palpitating and boastful offshoots of energy. Brutality and beauty go hand in hand during the introspective closing track ‘Beyond The Skin’ whereas soon-to-be-live-favourite ‘Deaf Cult’ is a journey of nothing but vehement punishment.

The record is available on a single sided 12” vinyl with an intricate ‘black hole' screenprinted B-side that almost hypnotizes when spun on a turntable. A download is also available of the EP along with the band’s first two releases reimagined with fresh digital booklets.

Track Listing

  1. Doubt Shadows
  2. Deaf Cult
  3. Birth Coma
  4. Beyond The Skin