Fall Of Messiah - Empty Colors

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Fall of messiah is a post rock / screamo band from north of France FFO : Pianos become the teeth / State faults / If these trees could talk / Russian circles.

'Empty colors is a fatalist image of time passing in people’s lives, like the Colors of life are fading and being replaced by solitude. The artwork is a collaboration with Vincent Michelot (FOV Tattoo, Lille, Fr), and our vision of the endless struggle of being alone, by choice or not. EMPTY COLORS means : "End My Pain, These Yelling Colors Of Life, Of Resigned Sadness."'

Released in conjunction with Don't Trust The Hype, I.CORRUPT, Lonely Voyage, Voice of the Unheard and Uproar for Veneration.

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Track Listing

  1. Monochromic synesthesia
  2. The grey heart blues
  3. Blue ruin
  4. I always thought that one day everything would be settled, but everything just went black.
  5. Alors on en est là, à pisser sur du cuivre…
  6. Rust
  7. Vert-de-gris

Pressing Information

- 500 transparent blue LP
- 500 digipak CD