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Gallops are that rare beast that straddle rock music and dance music with the utmost taste without being a bag of shit for old people. They seamlessly blend organic and synthetic in an intelligent manner, without being obtuse or chin-strokingly dull. You can dance your fucking tits off (mate), but this is as much for headphone listening in a dark room as it is for festival dance-offs.

If you are still struggling then this is a band who have appeared on Hollyoaks but whose influences include Sun Ra, David Lynch, Fugazi, Steve Reich, Terry Riley, Queens Of The Stone Age, Tortoise, King Tubby, Can, David Axelrod, Vangelis, Aphex Twin – note the ROCK POWER acts amongst those, because Gallops rock like a Friday night in the car with Wayne and Garth.

All this and the band are from Wrexham, North Wales. YOU try naming the last good musical thing to come from there.